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Touhou - Flandre Scarlet by Xranberry Touhou - Flandre Scarlet by Xranberry
2 years in the making *face desk*

If you look closely you can see that the left eye is kinda deformed. I took a picture of the sketch using my iPhone 3 (it was the latest model of iPhone at that time). As you all know iPhone 3's camera sucks (or was it my hands fault.. =__= ). I am almost done tracing it with Photoshop when I notice that the left eye is kinda blurry and it looks like it wasn't drawn at all. I was not in the mood to take another picture of the sketch so I decided not continue it.

Years and months later (April 2012) I found the PSD file of this on my old flash drive, I was bored at that time and got nothing to do so I decided to color it and was able to finish it in full color. Suddenly, I decided to clean some icons on my desktop (yea I always have a messy desktop), I accidentally overwrote the file. *face palm* kyufufufu ~ ohhhhhh the irony of coloring the crystal wings 。°(´口`°)°。

Just this week, I lost another important PSD file so I asked my friend for a file recovery software because that PSD file was very important. After scanning everything and checking every PSD file that I manage to recover, I found all the PSD files that I lost and deleted except for the fully colored version of this fan art. The only thing left is the line-art version. I used another file recovery system and somehow managed to recover the fully colored version but it was already corrupted. And my other friend said that it can't be saved anymore. :C so I gave up and decided to color it with just black, white and gray coz coloring her wings is a pain in the ass *bow*
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November 19, 2012
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